the only iranian fusion restaurant in wellington

Pop down and grab some kai and a coffee. If you're in a rush feel free to call your order through.


At Eden we believe in simplicity and ease. Our food boxes are $12 for a medium size and $14 for a large size.

We have a strong vision to do our best to help the environment. All our packaging is 100% biodegradable, helping us build a safe and sustainable, environmentally friendly takeaway experience. 

We only use extra virgin olive oil and the majority of our food is gluten free.

On Display


Zereshk Polo

Saffron rice, slivered pistachios, almonds and barberries VEG GF

Baghali Polo

Saffron rice, broad beans and fresh dill VEG GF


Spiced basmati rice served with a selection of vegetables VEG GF



Cubed boneless lamb, delicately simmered in saffron and tomato sauce with split peas, fried potato and dried lime. Served with saffron steamed rice GF


Okra stew served with slowly cooked potato cubes VEG GF

Ghorme Sabzi

Traditional slow cooked lamb and herb stew with black-eyed beans and dried lime. Served with saffron steamed rice GF

Chicken Stew

Delicately spiced chicken thigh in a tomato, capsicum and onion sauce GF


Salad Shirazi

A refreshing Iranian salad with finely chopped cucumber, tomato, onion and mint with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing VEG GF

Fatoush Salad

A colourful tossed salad with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mint, parsley, radish and sumac with a refreshing lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Served with flatbread VEG

On Order

Tah Chin

Iranian rice cake with shredded chicken, saffron, eggs and spices GF


Slow cooked chicken breast with a walnut and pomegranate sauce. Served with saffron steamed rice GF

Lamb Shank

Tender lamb shank with chickpeas, onion, potato, garlic and infused with traditional Iranian spices GF

Mast Khiyar

A light and nutritious sauce featuring yoghurt, mint and finely chopped cucumber VEG  GF


Deliciously creamy dip combining mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, fresh garlic and lemon juice VEG GF

Baba Ghanoush

A delicious offering of grilled eggplant combined with tahini, cumin, fresh coriander and yoghurt VEG GF

Zeytun Parvarde

Green olives, delicately marinated with lemon juice, olive oil, walnut and pomegranate sauce. A unique combination of flavours offering a tangy, yet creamy dish VEG GF


Traditional Iranian salad, combining tender diced chicken, fresh potato, egg, carrots, and gherkins. Finished with creamy mayonnaise with a hint of lemon juice GF


A traditional crispy flatbread baked fresh in our clay oven. The perfect accompaniment to our main dishes

Garlic Naan

Freshly baked in our clay oven, a traditional flatbread drizzled with garlic and butter


A light salad of chopped parsley, fresh mint, tomato, onion and cracked wheat. Served with lemon juice and olive oil VEG GF

Seasonal Salad

Lettuce, cherry tomato, cucumber, and sweet corn. Lightly dressed with lemon juice and olive oil VEG GF

Chicken Salad

Chargrilled chicken breast marinated in saffron and lemon juice. The delicate flavours are accompanied by lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and pomegranate with a delicious lemon juice and olive oil dressing GF

Kashk Bademjan

Gently fried eggplant, mashed with fried onion, walnut, herbs and garlic. Topped with whey VEG GF

Mirza Ghassemi

A subtly flavoured yet rich starter. Grilled eggplant, seasoned with onion, garlic, tomato and egg VEG GF


Delicious broad bean and chickpea fritters marinated in lemon juice and olive oil.
Deep-fried to crispy perfection VEG GF


Crispy fried lamb meatballs delicately flavoured with spices and cracked wheat (contains nuts)

Kuku Sabzi

A traditional light and fluffy Iranian omelette, stuffed with fresh herbs VEG GF

Chelo Kabab

Grilled minced lamb skewers seasoned with onions and bread crumbs and delicately spiced with sumac

Joojeh Kabab

Grilled chicken skewers, marinated in yoghurt, delicate spices, lemon juice and garlic GF


Spice-infused lamb and crushed wheatmeal slowly cooked to create a rich and hearty stew

Ashe Reshteh

Traditionally prepared to welcome in the New Year, this deliciously thick soup is made with Iranian noodles, beans, lentils and a selection of herbs. Topped with whey to bring the delicate flavours together